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Statute’s Cambodian Society of Gynecology and Obstetric


Convinced that National and International co-operation is necessary to assure permanent training, opinion and experience exchange between gynecologists and obstetricians.
Aware of new demands of associations, always in evolution which have a mission of training, research and contribution to technical and scientific development as regards Gynecology-Obstetrics.
So, gathering of Cambodian gynecologists and Obstetricians join together in an association, here-in-after called "Cambodian Society of Gynecology and Obstetric (SCGO), adopt the following terms:

I. Nature and Purposes of the Association

             ¡ Nature:
      Article 1:  SCGO gathers gynecologists and obstetricians who have common purpose to participate in initial and permanent training and in research as regards gynecology and obstetric. The lifetime of association is unlimited.
¡ Purpose:
      Article 2: The main objective of SCGO is national and international conscience development and spirit of cooperation and scientific progress. To this end, the objectives of the Association are:

  • Permanent reflection on role and position in national and international societies including their structures and methods.
  • Promotion of activities in favor of educational and scientific meetings
  • Circulate of scientific information among gynecologist and obstetricians members.
  • Execute of all training and scientific research program in the mandate approved by the Association.

II. Association

      Article 3: SCGO consists of full members, associate members and honorary members.

      Full Members:
Article 4: Full member are elected by the General Assembly, based on proposal of the Administrative Council, after verification of writer application.
¡ To be elected as full member, candidate must:

  • Be a medical Doctor
  • Be qualified for gynecologist and obstetrician specialization by official authority of the country where they practice Gynecology and obstetric and be a Cambodian citizen.
  • Be presented as a candidate by the President of SCGO.
  • Be supported by two full members of SCGO.
  • Undertake to pay an annual subscription.

      Associate Members:
Article 5:  Associate Members are elected by the General Assembly based on proposals of the Administrative Council.
¡ To be elected as associate member, candidate must:

  • Be in the process of qualification as a gynecological-obstetric medical doctor even Cambodian or foreigners.
  • Be qualified by two full members of SCGO.
  • Undertake to pay an annual subscription.

Honorary Members:
Article 6: Honorary Members are elected by the General Assembly based on proposal of the Administrative Council.
- To be elected as honorary member, candidate must:

    • They are elected on account of eminent services they have contributed to the field of gynecology-obstetric, or others.
    • Undertake to pay an annual subscription.

Article 7: 

  • Full members and Honorary members must pay an annual subscription as fixed by the General Assembly upon recommendation of the Administrative Council. Associate members must pay an annual subscription equivalent to one-half the annual subscription for full member.
  • When the member ceases to pay the subscription for two successive years, that member ceases to be a member in good standing. In special circumstances, Administrative Council may suspend execution of this article subject to approval of the next ordinary session of the General Assembly.

III. Association Organization

Direction Board:
 Article 8: The Direction Board of SCGO consists of the General Assembly, Administrative Council and Board.

General Assembly:
Article 9:  The General Assembly is the sole authority of the association and makes the general policies.
The membership of the General Assembly is a full Members of Association. The Associate members and Honorary members are invited to the General Assembly where they assist for advisory purposes only.

Article10: The General Assembly is required to hold at least one ordinary session each year. It may meet in extra-ordinary session at the decision of Administrative Council upon written demand of at least one quarter of the full members.

Agenda for meetings is arranged by Administrative Council:
The General Assembly receives reports on management of Administrative Council and on the financial balance of the Association.
The General Assembly approves the accounts, closes budget and deliberates upon all items on the agenda and approves renewal of the members of Administrative Council.
Votes in General Assembly are acquired by the relative majority of voting participants. All decisions of the General Assembly are valid only when at least fifty percentages of the full members participate in the vote.

IV. Administrative Council:

Article11: The Association is administered by Administrative Council which consists of 33 full members who are in the process of qualification as a gynecological- obstetric medical doctor in Cambodia.

  • Members of Administrative Council serve for three consecutive years by secret ballot by General Assembly, from among approved candidates.
  • In case of a vacancy (resignation or death), the Council must temporarily assign a full member as replacement. Final assignment will be approved at the next ordinary meeting of the General Assembly. 

Article12: Administrative Council will hold at least two ordinary meetings each year. Extra-ordinary meetings may be convened by the President or by written demand of two-third of members.

Article13: Administrative Council has to exchange one-third of the members approved by General Assembly in each consecutive year.

Article14: Administrative Council carries out the decisions of the General Assembly.

Article15: The board’s members will select from the General Assembly by secret ballot. The President, Vice President, Secretary General, Treasurer and Cashier will select from the Members of Board by the same way during mandate of General Assembly. The President of the Administrative Council can be a candidature up to two- consecutive years only before become an honorary president.  

The Board takes all requisite measures in emergency and uses all authority delegated by Administrative Council.

Income of the association
Article16: Income of the Association is composed of:

  • Members subscriptions
  • Subsidies of government, department, public sectors and other organizations.
  • Gift received from authorized work.
  • Benefits of scientific work published by the Association

Article17: Have records which annually establish operating accounts, achievement and balance.
This balance is approved by relevant organization.

V. Location

Article18: Headquarter of the association is located in the National Maternal and Child Health Center Building , 31A street France, Sangkat Sraas Chak, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It can be re-located upon the decision of the General Assembly, or in emergency, upon the decision of the Administrative Council, subject to the ratification of the General Assembly.

VI. Statute Amendment

Article19:These statutes can be amended by the General Assembly, according to the demand of the Administrative Council or the demand of at least ten percent of the full members of the Association. Amendment proposals must be registered on the agenda of the next General Assembly. Amendment is adopted by vote at the General Assembly come immediately into force.