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University Governance and Management

University Governance and Management


Values & Strategic Goals  

Good governance and efficient management are key-priorities to achieve a successful and sustainable development of the University. Among its guiding principles, the UHS values accountability, transparency and professionalism. Respect, teamwork and performance-based motivation are promoted in management at all hierarchical levels.

The Strategic Plan Goal #4 states “The UHS promotes good governance and modernization”. Among the strategies currently being implemented to achieve this goal are the modernization of the HR management, inventory/supply and financial systems, the development of equity and gender policies, the staff training in management and leadership skills, and the establishment of effective monitoring and evaluation mechanisms. 


International Relations

The UHS is eager to work with partner institutions to discuss, benchmark and promote good practices in University governance and management worldwide.

To this regard, the training of human resources still being a major challenge in Cambodia, it is a the core of this area of partnership, notably in the fields of:

  • International Relations
  • Human Resources Management
  • Students’ affairs
  • Internal quality assurance for university accreditation
  • Campus development and planning

Another priority is the development and adoption of governance and management tools, including:  

  • Standardized Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Planning and monitoring tools (shared agendas, human resources, financing, classrooms management…)
  • Flowchart, job descriptions, communication channels, career development mechanisms 
  • Internal Quality Assurance and monitoring systems


Examples of the Network activities 

Within this area, the Strategic Plan development itself was already an effective outcome of international partnerships, since many of the UHS partners were consulted and involved in the strategic planning workshops series. Other activities that are being developed are, notably:

  • Consultative workshop on University governance and management
  • Administrative staff exchange
  • Exchange of administrative software, documents and procedures
  • Demonstrations of University intranet platforms 




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