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UHS: Strategic plan


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Vision & Mission


Devoted to excellence in training, research, innovation and health service provision, the University of Health Sciences (UHS) become the leading national higher education institution in Cambodia in the field of health sciences.


Under the direction of Ministry of Health, UHS mission are to:

1. Develop competent and professionalism human resources in the field of health sciences through training that meets national and international standards responding to the national, regional and international needs.

2. Conduct excellent research and innovation responding to the revolution of modern technology and according to national and international standards.

3. Provide services with quality, effective, equity and professionalism responding to market needs without racism of ethic, color or political behavior.


Guiding Principles

1. Aim high for reachable goals

2. Value continued learning, excellence and quality

3. Act with accountability, transparency, professionalism and responsible stewardship

4. Treat each other with dignity, according to hierarchy, respect and Khmer culture

5. Foster innovation, creativity and teamwork spirit

6. Implement performance-based motivation

7. Promote equal partnership

8. Embrace the use of information technology as much as possible