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International Relations Overview

Established in 1946, the UHS resumed its activities in the 1980’s after the country’s most troubled history. Over the last 30 years, the UHS has established international collaborations with many countries that supported its revival then its development, most notably the following (by alphabetical order): Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, USA.

Times have changed, Cambodia is about to reach the status of middle-low income country, and was ranked in 2013 as the nineteenth fastest growing economy in the world (World Bank). More than ever, the UHS is stepping in the ASEAN and in the global environment of higher education and research. Which means more opportunities for students, teachers and researchers exchange, and for academic and scientific partnerships. 


International Relations within the UHS Strategic Plan

The UHS Strategic Goal #6 is to strengthen and broaden international cooperation. In order to achieve this goal, the following strategies have been adopted:

  1. To extend the goals and missions of the UHS’ International Department and provide it with proper human resources
  2. To develop and implement a specific communications strategy to gain visibility, scholarships, grants and opportunities for further faculty development
  3. To develop international research cooperation
  4. To develop a training platform that allows both French- and English-speaking faculty members to contribute their knowledge to UHS students in order to prepare students for regional and international mobility when opportunity such as ASEAN integration arrives 


International Partners Network 

The UHS acknowledges that academic and research institutions abroad are key-partners to achieving its whole Strategic Plan. Alongside, the UHS assumes some institutions can be interested to strengthen, renew or build synergic partnerships with UHS within the 2014-18 timeframe. Yet, a close consultation with and within the International Partners Network is needed to ensure synergy, efficiency and sustainability of these partnerships.

Therefore, the UHS is inviting current and new international partners to join an International Network for higher education, training, research and services in health sciences field in Cambodia.


International Partners Network: Priority Areas and Activities 

Priority areas of international partnership for the Network

Area A. University governance and management

Area B. Innovation in higher education and training in health sciences

Area C. Research in health sciences

Area D. Community Services

Current and potential activities for the Network

Activity (1) Staff mobility & exchange

Activity (2) Students mobility & exchange

Activity (3) Documents/Resources sharing and co-development

Activity (4) Distance teaching/learning and assessment tools

Activity (5) Joint teaching program and research projects